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For nearly 20 years, the people of TalkActive LLC have served numerous private and corporate clients in their need for quality document translation, personal interpretation and language learning services.

At TalkActive LLC we love and understand languages. Everyone can speak his native tongue but the process of converting a language into another requires a different ability that is built through hard study and work.
Italians created the phrase traduttore, traditore, a translator is a traitor. They considered that a good translator had to betray the original language in order to create a beautiful result in the new one. We prefer to think that translators are more like bridge builders with the gift of communication and the duty of bringing people closer no matter which language they speak. For us, translators are not traitors but creators.

Our translation services cover all types of texts including legal, marketing, technical, artistic, subtitling and literary among many others. For each type of translation work, we prepare in advance and discuss all aspects with our clients in order to achieve the best results and a text in the new language that does not read like a mere transposition of words but a fluid composition with all the characteristics and nuances of the language of destiny. All of our written work is reviewed for quality and supervised by experienced linguists.

For our interpretation services, we take the same professional approach working with our clients to achieve the best and most accurate results when we are performing simultaneous, voice over or broadcasting interpretation.

All of our translators are language experts and have been selected based on their experience and deep knowledge of the languages they work with. We pursue the ideal that the best translators are those for whom the language of destiny is their mother language and have a deep grammatical knowledge of both the language of origin and the language of destiny. That is why, whenever possible, we use native French speakers for our translations into French or native Spanish speakers for all our translations into Spanish.

We bring to our clients what no machine or program can provide, a translated text or interpretation that bears the soul of the language. Only people can translate with a soul.

We would like to have you among our list of select clients.

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